• Darrel Kwong

Electrical Safety - coming into Force 1st July 2020

The draft legislation has made an appearance yesterday, which can be found here

To summarise my understanding in brief, as I have just read it, please find below:

  • All new tenancies starting on or after the 1st July 2020, will require a five-year electrical certificate from a registered electrician (it may be required to be less than every five years if the certificate states that is required)

  • All new tenancies, will include renewals and tenancies that become statutory periodic

  • All existing tenancies from the 1st April 2021

  • It looks like it will also include non- housing act tenancies, such as a company let, where the rent is over £100k or its not the persons main residence

  • It looks like it will be very similar to the Gas Safety, in that a copy must be given before the tenants occupy and within 28 days of any renewal of the certificate. There is financial penalty of up to

  • £30, 000 for not doing this which can be levied by the local council rather than non compliance being a section 21 issue (which is an interesting change in attitude).

  • Any remedial works stated by the electrical certificate must be done within 28 days or sooner, and you must get written confirmation that it has been done.

  • And finally, look forward to version 3000 of the *how to rent guide*

Our advice is to get them done now as (a) they will be cheaper and (b) you have plenty of time to get the remedial work done.


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