An inventory is one of the most important documents you should have along side a tenancy agreement. Should a dispute arise,  you as a landlord/agent will need to demonstrate you have a very detailed report, complete with photos showing the condition of the property at start of tenancy, the tenants agreement to the document, prove your tenant has had opportunity to review the document and raise any comments. Without this your claim for compensation may not be valid.


Inventory & Check-in

An inventory is a very detailed written legal document with clear photos of the entire property, including grounds and outbuildings and would be carried out at the start of the tenancy. The document lists everything you can see and touch along with any areas of wear, damage or cleaning. The work is carried out by accredited, DBS checked, insured clerk who has been fully trained and works to above industry standards.

We ask all tenants to sign the check-in document at the start of tenancy which lists, important details such as meter readings, keys, overall summary view of the property and if there are any issues which need to be addressed. We also run through location of stop cock, boiler, heating controls and fuse box.

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The checkout document is produced at the end of tenancy and uses both written and photographic evidence, which when coupled with the inventory tell a story of change and or dilapidation's during tenancy. Once again the report is very detailed and covers areas such as general wear, state of cleanliness, damages and garden condition. Our clerks will need to work from the original inventory to complete the checkout.

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Interim inspections

These inspections are normally carried out throughout a tenancy, You write to the tenant informing them an inspection is due giving 48 hours notice and then you instruct us to carry out the interim inspection. During the inspection we look to ensure the property is being maintained, there are no signs of pets or smoking, there are no signs of over crowding and that the gardens and garages are being maintained.